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 Net Control 2

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Net Control 2

Net Control 2 is a simple and powerful remote Control tool for administrators of school, office, home and other local networks. The key feature of the Net Control 2 ? it is possibility to perform operations on several computers simultaneously.

Several facts:
? Net Control 2 - Classroom. Screenshot.Net Control 2 was specially designed for easy management of several computers simultaneously.
? Due to scalable structure, it is suitable for both small home networks and large networks, containing thousands of user computers.
? Remote Desktop, Broadcast Desktop, file and program management, messaging, monitoring and many other features are combined in user friendly and intuitive interface.
? Currently, Net Control 2 runs under all versions of Windows, and includes support of Windows Vista in Net Control 2 version 7.
? We are pleased to provide this software for the lowest in the industry price: from $2.50 per computer for ordinary licenses and up to $2 500 for the unlimited school DISTRICT license, without subscriptions and hidden charges!

Just several of Net Control 2 features:

? Remote Desktop features (view and Control user computers, using keyboard and mouse; Control several computers simultaneously).
? Broadcast Desktop features - share instructor's or any user's desktop with other users, the performance practically not depends on amount of computers in the network.
? Use Desktop Recorder for preparing electronic tutorials and share them with users.
? File management - deploy documents and programs, manage files remotely, support of "virtual" folders.
? Remote power management: restart, turn computers on and off, wake-up computers via LAN, switch computers to stand-by and hibernation modes.
? Speak with Users, send messages (text, graphics, sound).
?Manage programs remotely: run, terminate and disable applications, programs and services.
? Control access to Internet of Users: track visited web-sites, dynamically block and enable access to web-sites on a base of domain name or web-page's content.
? Automation: macro-commands, batch execution, scheduled tasks.



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Net Control 2
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