Windows Se7en GSG-GROUP Eternity x86/x64 Build 7600


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 Windows Se7en GSG-GROUP Eternity x86/x64 Build 7600

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مُساهمةموضوع: Windows Se7en GSG-GROUP Eternity x86/x64 Build 7600   الثلاثاء فبراير 23, 2010 8:56 pm

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  • New build on the team GSG-Group. The image is based on the British version 6.1 7600 Ultimate (x86 and x64) and based on Windows 7 Home of the team rockers. Integrated all the latest updates, a small set of programs, as well as all the latest drivers.

    # All the latest updates have been corrected manually.
    # Adobe Flash Player Plugin
    # Rocket Dock
    # Black background
    # Character sets and ******s for upgrades from previous versions of Ultimate (This option is only available in

    this OS)
    # A new look at Windows Media Player
    # New Shortcut Arrows
    # IE phishing filter is enabled
    # 2 user accounts on the control panel
    # Low memory consumption
    # Added command line for the shortcut menu, right click
    # Enable ClearType
    # Menu bar and window frames are opaque
    # Include slow motion effects window
    # Added "Advanced System Properties" in my computer
    # Added control panel on my computer
    # Quick view with IE
    # DEP implementation installed by default
    # All the latest drivers
    # 7-Zip
    # Adobe Flash Player Plugin
    # Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
    # Orbit Downloader
    # K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
    # ImgBurn
    # Notepad + + 5.1
    # CCleaner
    # Mozilla Firefox
    # Fully automated installation, you need to select the ******** and section
    # Patched Uxtheme files for use 3d Themes
    # Faster loading
    # New icons of high quality
    # Command line changed the color of ****
    # Installed the mouse pointer over the maximum speed
    # Removed the annoying clicking sound
    # Sleep mode "Disabled".
    # Maximum number of simultaneous downloads for IE to 20 (default 2)
    # New Explorer
    # Opens 16-bit applications in separate memory space. This increases stability when using 16-bit applications.
    # Enable status bar in all windows
    # ATI and NVIDIA drivers
    Sidebar Gadgets # 255
    # The speed at boot time
    # Improved performance and reliability
    # Windows Update Service is disabled

    * (9,11 ATI, NVidia 191,07, NVIDIA notebook, Intel, VIA)
    * Drivers Audio (C-Media, Conexant, Realtek 2.36, VIA, SoundMAX)
    * Chipset (NVIDIA, Intel)
    * Card Reader (Alcor, JMicron, O2Micro, Realtek Ricoh)
    * LAN (Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, JMicron, Marvell, Realtek Via)
    * Wi-Fi (Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Realtek)

    MD5: A8A95953F1E11867486BAE603D983D45
    SHA1: 84987E65E77CDE630DBEC2B1BB7BDE361CEC96F7
    CRC32: 7EA8A34B

    Minimum system requirements:
    512 MB RAM (recommended 1 GB RAM)
    15 GB hard disk space
    128 MB of graphics memory (able to run Aero)

    Year: 2010
    Version: Windows Se7en GSG-GROUP 3.0
    Developer: Microsoft
    Site build: GSG-Group
    Platform: x86-x64
    Compatible with Windows 7: complete
    ********: English + Russian
    Tabletka: None
    Size: 4,18 GB





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Windows Se7en GSG-GROUP Eternity x86/x64 Build 7600
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